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Avid Media Composer - PC
Forum for advanced Media Composer PC users.
  • BUG: Volume Mixer operation causes Exception/ACCESS VIOLATION

    Hello everyone

    I'm here to report a bug. Seeking a fix/solution.

    Let me first preamble by saying that I've been able to replicate this bug on a fresh install of MC 2023.12 with a new, untainted user profile. So, here we go:

    A very peculiar thing happens when I attempt to adjust the CLIP GAIN of any clip on AUDIO TRACK 01 (A1) via the Audio Mixer. Upon moving the fader up or down to adjust the gain of said clip, the app begins to hang and then takes an enormous crap, producing a fun little error code loop which inevitably forces me to CTRL+ALT+DEL my way out. This happens again and again and again. No amount of restarting or reinstalling fixes it.

    What's more bizzare is that I can only produce this error on A1. Audio on all other 24 tracks are fine, they love the Volume Mixer infact, I can move those other 23 sliders all day long. Smooth as butter! By the way, the project's audio rate is 24/48 and so is all the media. There isn't some fancy metadata and I don't use FX or EQ or any other magic. I've placed all sorts of different audio clips on A1 and they all produce the same annoying error/crash...

    Could the project be corrupt? Is it Windows? Do I roll back?


    Screenshots? I got em:


    HERE you can find my error logs.



    Windows 10 Pro (build 19045) / AVID MC 2023.12

    Project Settings: 1080p/23.98 | PCM 24/48


    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Obviously, the workaround would be not to use the Volume Mixer for any audio located on A1 and resort to the Timeline based audio tools. Well, I LIKE the Volume Mixer. It's one of the things you guys do well. It feels tactile and make visual sense and I'm a creature of habit.

    Looking forward to hearing back. Thank you very much.




  • The installer for MC 2019.12

    Hello everyone, I have a perpetual version of Media Composer up to version 2019.12. The issue is that I didn't keep the installer for this version, and from what I can see, all older versions of Media Composer have been removed from the Download Center. Does anyone from the community have the installer for MC 2019.12 and could share it? Regards.

  • Multi Pass H.264

    I've been trying to lay off a 48 minute film using the H264 multipass setting. I have a 250GB C drive. I'm getting a window that states that the drive is full. Is there a way to bypass the C drive or some other option. Thank you.

  • AIR 192|4 M-Audio with avid ?
    Hi all! I want to buy sound card: AIR 192|4 M-Audio. Does it work on new avid 2023.12 ? Thanks in advance!
  • Workstation for Media Composer 22.10

    Hello everyone,

    I should buy a workstation to edit small (from 2 minutes to 20 minutes) project in 1080p importing files shooted in 4k H265. I usually link and trascode same as source, same framerate, HQX.

    I was looking for HP Z series with Intel Xeon. These cpus have lower frequency than Intel i9 13900k.

    My question is:

    Is it better spend 1200 euros for renewed HP Z4 with Xeon W-2123, 64gb ddr4, quadro p2000... Or buy i9 13000k, Motherboard Asus tuf gaming Z790, ddr5 64gb 6000mhz with my old gtx 1060 6gb ram to build a custom pc?


    Thank you all

  • NDI/SRt 2023.12

    We are finding with either of these enabled there are lots of BOB type errors and black viewers. As soon as streaming is switched off all is well again

    We find this is only try if the audio scrub is toggled on.. if it's off then it all works fine

    This didn;t seem to be the case on 2021.12.XX


    Win 10 PCs

  • Media Composer 8.4.4

    Can Media Composer 8.4.4 run on windows 11?

  • Error exporting AAF and OMF

    Hi guys,
    I've just finished an edit and need to export an AAF or OMF for soundmix.

    However, when I try to export the AAF I get this following message:
    Exception: std::exception, what: ACF call failed: m_pWriter->BeingWrite(), error code 0x0000008, file e:\ws2\workspace\MC\Release_Installer_Git\\Win_Build\coresw\ame\src\msm\AMAWriter\AMAFileWritebackSession.cpp line 134

    Any idea how to fix it?

    An OMF would work as well but when I try to export OMF I get the message 'OMF Export is not supported in HD projects'. What does that mean?

    This is so frustrating.

    Appreciate any help. Thank you.

  • Need driver info for P2000 for 2023.12 Kepler or Ada

    537.42 (Ada series GPU)
    v474.44 (Kepler series GPU


    The Matrix calls for  the above drivers.  I have a Quadro P2000 - do I use the Kepler dirver?   Thank you

  • NEED HELP NO compressed data format found VCID and video foramt

    I do not have any compressed data I am linking to XAVC -I at 23.976 - I am trying to put a titles over video.

    V1 has the title from avid title tool+ and the video is on V2 from my camera FX 6 all files play well no errors.  I did put a

    Boris gaussen filter on the video file to soften the image.  So not sure why this is happening unless Boris doen not like 2023.8.2.  It is an older plugin. I started a new project and it is happening as well.  Not sure if I should should update to current version?  Any advice


    I might Add the footage was taken imnto resolve for some color graqding tests and all plays fine.  I did not try to edit though.

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