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Avid Media Composer - PC
Forum for advanced Media Composer PC users.
  • Audio keyframes

    Hey people


    I have been editing for over 28 years now and recently discovered the advantages of audio ducking. But right from when the key frames were intoduced for audio gain I stuggled to work with them. I found them way too fifddly for quick audio adjustment and as I often lasso my cuts to enter trim mode, I found them in the way and being slected rather than the cut point ...etc... Also found I neede to expand the audio track so I could adjust the levels but on busy timelines with 24 audio tracks, the timeline realestate was being eaten up too quickly... SO I did not stick with it.

    BUT there must be a better way. So Can anyone advise me on the best way to quickly an easily use the audio keyframes. Aslo a quick way to reset the track so that the audio ducking keys can be removed at once. 





  • Mixed i and P timeline - best way to output P?

    Right mix of 17 cams.  I need to work in i as the majority are i and seem to get artefacts when exporting if working in P.

    Its music so need to output P really - what the best way to achieve that from within Avid and without any Saphire plugins etc?  Been a while since I did it as always have to work in i for TV!  Cheers.


  • Phrase Find

    Did my first Phrase Find search today. Is it possible to Filter out Linked clips from results? Or to only search one MultiGroup?

  • Changing font color

    Creating a title page in Avid titler, I am pretty sure I was once able to change the font color on selected words within a sentence or paragraph. Now, if I try to change the color on a word in a sentence the entire sentence changes.  Is this normal?

  • New bin opening in project not selected folder

    Hi everyone, my company upgraded to avid 2022 a few months ago, and this problem keeps on happening. Whenever I click on a dated folder to make a bin, the first bin opens in the folder, but when I make a second one (we do AMAs and MD (transcoded) separately) it opens in the project instead of the selected folder. Usually i have to delete the bin or move it over, but I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue or if it is a specific bug, I would just like both bins to open in the folder. Thanks

  • MC 2022.12 will not launch on Windows 11 machine

    I'm a little frustrated, because after updating to Avid 2022.12, Media Composer will no longer launch on my machine. When I click the icon, it throws up a useless error box and asks me to send the error to Avid (I have). I'm at a loss - can anyone help me figure out what steps to take to even know what's happening?

    Here are my system specs:

    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz   3.60 GHz

    Installed RAM 64.0 GB (63.9 GB usable)

    System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

    nVidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8GB

    Edition Windows 11 Pro

    Version 22H2

    Installed on ‎9/‎30/‎2022

    OS build 22621.1413

    Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22639.1000.0

    Also - and I'm not sure this is related - but Avid Link will no longer download anything. Every time I try to update Link or MC, it starts to download, and then tells me that the download failed while providing zero other information. This is, as you can imagine, not helpful. I've had to visit the Avid download center through my web browser to download update files.



  • Color Corrected clip gets corrupted

    We have had this problem for awhile.  Color correct all the clips.  Everything is fine.

    Go to export out the sequence....and after the export is done....certain clips have this Red Black Red stripes.  No video...just these colors.


    I found another string that talked about it...but no solutions other than...match the footage and re-insert it and re-color correct.  But why does the export blow it up ?


    red black green screen

  • Fatal Error Can not open or create Projects

    Avid Media Composer Error:

    Hey guys, I am looking for some help with this fatal error I got when editing in Avid. Now I cant seem to make any new projects or open any existing projects without running into this error.  When I bypass it it seems to open up an empty project, but error still persists, when openning certain settings.

    Anybody have any tips?

    I've tried refreshing my AMA, and site settings as well. I've tried opening using ALT and errors still occur.


    Error: file:///E:/ws2/workspace/MC/Release_Installer_Git Line 1234


    Here are the full Error messages by link:

  • Disable PhraseFind Indexing per drive

    Is there any option to prevent PhraseFind from Indexing specific volumes? Maybe a keyword dropped on a volume that secretly tells Media Composer not to Index it? I've noticed that Media Composer spends a lot of backround resources indexing our Music Library. We have no need for our Music Library to get indexed.


  • Media Composer 2022.12.2 Now Available - 16 March 2023

    Avid is pleased to announce the release of  Media Composer 2022.12.2 today Thursday March 16th, 2023.

    Please Note: Windows - Media Composer v2022.12.2 is a patch installer which requires 2022.12 as the base install. It will only be available through the Download Center: https://my.avid.com/esd/Product/Download/2695

    Please Note: Avid will no longer include the Nvidia GPU drivers in the installation package. These drivers must be downloaded separately and can be found on the Nvidia website. Please make sure to check the Media Composer ReadMe for supported versions. 

    The ability to launch Media Composer software is dependent on the status of your Upgrade and Support Plan on the date this software version was released. Media Composer 2022.12.2 was released on March 16th, 2023.

    What’s Fixed in 2022.12.2: The following has been fixed.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4873. Source and Record monitors did not update properly while trimming if clips or tracks were muted.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4976. The "Override all Bin font sizes" option in User Interface Settings did not work when applied.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4587. (MediaCentral | Cloud UX) In some instances, the MediaCentral | Cloud UX panel would not load after logging out and logging back in with a different user.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4895. (MediaCentral | Cloud UX) In some instances, the MediaCentral | Cloud UX panel would not load after logging out and logging back in with the same user and a different project.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4503. Audio clip gain values were lost and returned to unity gain if the clip was re-rendered, after making an adjustment to any plug-ins that were already applied and rendered.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4970. (MediaCentral | Production Management) Ingesting P2 files and creating sequences of clips using third-party MintUpload software caused an "Assertion failed:*expectedBytesRead" error.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4706. Enabling Dynamic Relink caused linked .mov QuickTime files with a Matte Key (DNxHD with alpha) to go offline.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4602. Master Caption List was out of order when the SubCap effect was placed on two tracks and some captions were muted.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-5001. Japanese characters were misinterpreted when exporting a Pro Tools Session file.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4803. Linking or Importing Apple ProRes 4444 Mov files created with an Arri Alexa Mini caused Media Composer to quit unexpectedly if QuickTime was installed.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4716. Consolidating some ProRes media from a DJI Ronin resulted in an "Assertion failed: sampleDataPtr != NULL" error.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4407. Selecting multiple lines of dialog in the Script window and pressing the spacebar (or right-clicking and selecting "play" from the context menu) caused the incorrect line of dialog to play back.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4953. (MediaCentral | Production Management) Audio waveforms for linked clips were very slow to draw, which significantly impacted performance and the ability to work within the interface.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-5029. When using “Transcode on Send to Playback" with a sequence that has Group clips, the Send to Playback would fail.

    For details on the complete bug fixed, see the Media Composer 2022 Documentation page at launch.


    ReadMe: The new ReadMe was uploaded to the Knowledge Base Media Composer 2022 Documentation page at launch.

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