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Avid Media Composer - Mac
Forum for advanced Media Composer Mac users.
  • aaf export bug

    Not sure where I go to report a bug to avid so I am starting here.

    I am on avid mc 2021.12.2 on OS X 11.6. I am seeing a bug to do with avid aaf exports. it seems that avid is not exporting all of the PhysicalTrackNumber info of a timeline when exporting an aaf. You can see and example of this if you export a timeline with tracks V1, V2, V4 and V5. ie delete a video track somewhere in the middle. export this and import it back in and you will see a timeline that is V1, V2 V3, V4. which you could live with I guess but now try again but put a locator on v2 and v5. if you have markers/locators on the top track they wont be there when you import the aaf back into avid. After looking at the aaf I can see that the aaf metadata to do with locators does mention the physical track number, however the parts of the aaf that refer to the clips in the timeline dont seem to have a value for the track number, so I think without this information avid can not line the locators up with the matching track. I guess Avid just starts counting from V1 and puts the clips into the timeline, then goes to put the locators in and the locator is saying its on track V5, which avid doesnt have now.

    Not sure how long this has existed. I feel like it must be new, I think I would have come across it before by now.

    does anyone know where you report these things?


  • Export MP4 with MC 2022.7 on Catalina 10.15.7

    Hi all.  I just finished a short project that used a .mov as a source linked in Avid.  I am trying to export and I'm having a lot of trouble whether I try to make a .mov or .mp4.  At first, the export produced QT that had no picture and an error message that said it wasn't compatible with QT.  I switched from DNX to H.264 and the best I've seen is a playable movie but no audio.  Ugggg.  I've been reading up on the forums and people suggest making a .mov and then transcoding using Davinci Resolve "quick and easy".  I downloaded Resolve and am completely lost even their 8000 page manual.

    Is my MC 2022.7 compatible with my OS?  

    Please, any suggestions.  I'm this close to the finish line and I'm very surprised exports are this challenging.  


  • Missing Core Audio Plug-Ins

    From the Media_Composer_Editing_Guide_2022.x.   (pg 831):


    "A set of core audio plug-ins installs with Media Composer. Audio Track Effect and AudioSuite Plug- ins supported by Avid, such as the core set, appear in the Audio Track Effect tool and the AudioSuite Plug-in Selection menu with their plug-in name."

    This is followed by a big list of the core plug-ins, a lot of which did NOT install with Media Composer. How do I get them?




  • Can't open (certain) projects - infinite loading

    So certain projects just will not open on a Macintosh it seems, it's just stuck on "Opening project" until the program freezes and it has to be force quit. Yes the projects are somewhat big, but still.

  • AMA Linking

    Is there a away to change the AMA linking from quicktime to UME? Picking up an old project with hundreds of photoshop files with AMA quicktime links and need to change them to UME links as now have the latest OS and silicon.




  • Crazy Bin Windows

    Is anyone experiencing bin windows going wonky when switching from an edit workspace to any other workspace?  I'm on a Media Composer 2021 on a Mac running Mojave.  By wonky I mean moving around, closing, changing sizes, etc.  


    Thank you

  • Is MC 8.9.2 compatible with what Mac OS?

    I'm on a MacBook Pro Early 2015 and have a perpetual license for Media Composer 8.9.2. I'm thinking of updating my OS. What's the latest OS that 8.9.2 is compatible with?

  • Media Composer 2018.12.15 on MacOS Catalina (or newer)

    Hi all-

    We're being asked to run MC 2018.12.15 along with Mimiq (now owned by Hedge) to facilitate bin locking on third-party storage.

    Mimiq only runs on MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later, while Avid's compatibility docs claim that 2018.12.15 is only supported up to MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) and doesn't list any later OS versions.

    Is anybody successfully running 2018.12.15 on Cataina or newer? Did Avid just stop testing the older version, or is there a hard and fast reason it can't work?

    As an aside, what's the last version of Media Composer that featured the "old" style user interface?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Resolve - Avid worklow with different frame rate

    Hi guys,

    Since I'm in the learning path to become an AE in the future, I really want to know some insights from people working in the industry. More specifically about Resolve - Avid workflow that deals with footage with various frame rates.

    Let’s say the scope of the project first: a low budget short film.

    The project needs to be delivered at 23.976fps. Some footage is shot in mixed frame rates such as 24fps, 29 fps, and 50 fps.

    We want to create dailies in Resolve that match the source file frame rates, not the project frame rates. Then bring them into Avid to edit and come back to Resolve for color grading.

    The desired goal is: Keep the timecode embedded in the source files since there are other artists that will get involved in the project down the line. Even though I’m aware of the drawback of this option is that the editor needs to know how to edit with non-matching frame rate proxies, feel free to add on more insight.

    My question is: What is the workflow that most professionals usually choose to achieve the ultimate goal in this specific case? and how to tackle the issues caused from the option you’ve chose?.

    Thank you in advance. Excuse me if my question is too dumb.

  • Export to File error - Audio stopping in exported clips



    I am trying to export multiple (also happens with a single clip) clips from a bin, can be mxf, mov, dnxhr, h264 anything and audio direct out. All the clips exportet have an audio issue: It just apprubtly goes silent after approx. 1/3 of the clip length. 

    When I export a sequence as a whole piece its no problem. Just as single clips. 


    Any suggestions appreciated. 

    Avid MC 2022.07, also tried multiple versions before with same issue. 


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